Tina Copland, Director of Jax Wax is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of Jax Wax.

Tina has knowledge on all aspects of the business from administration to packaging to product development.

Tina Copland has spent her working life involved with manufacturing industries. After leaving school she joined a contract manufacturing company of cosmetics and toiletries in the QC department, she eventually achieved the position of General Manager.

After 12 years she joined a small candle manufacturing company. During the time Tina was managing, the business increased greatly, from a small part time staff of 5 employees to a 24 hour 7 day a week business exporting 2 containers of candles per month to USA. Following a year spent working in the USA Tina and her husband Geoff decided to start their own wax manufacturing business.

In 2000 Tina and Geoff started Jax Wax using some space in a friend’s factory. Tina was the bookkeeper for another friend’s company to help cash flow until the business could afford for her to be involved full time.

Jax Wax Australia (previously Adam & Eve) was established in 2003 as suppliers of wax to the beauty industry.

Tina continues to be actively involved in Jax Wax Australia and is excited about the direction in which the company is heading