Tina and Geoff Copland, the owners of Jax Wax Australia.

An Australian Company that manufactures the Jax Wax Australia wax range that is used in salons all over Australia and exported to a growing number of countries worldwide. Tina Copland, CEO, is joined by husband Geoff, to create superior wax formulas, while continually innovating to ensure the highest quality products are manufactured.

From the beginning, their focus has been on supporting salons by supplying exceptional Australian made products. They believe that they should be supporting the industries that support them by manufacturing quality products that are easy to use and offer superior results. All their products work first time, every time, have alluring scents, are attractively packaged and offer take-home products for salon operators to retail to their clients.

Divine aromas with a rainbow of colours combined with the finest ingredients offer salons high-performance hot and strip waxes. Jax Wax Australia’s waxes and associated products are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly and contain the finest natural products including almond, coconut, olive and peach oils. They also include essential oils, titanium dioxide and fine fragrances. The most obvious difference that Jax Wax Australia offer is beaded depilatory waxes. Beaded wax is a pliable, strip free formula that is elastic and versatile.  It has a low temperature melting/application point that provides comfort to the client. Beaded Wax ensures a cleaner process of getting the wax into the wax pot, simply open the bag and pour.

Jax Wax Australia also work closely with beauty therapists.  They have technical expertise in wax manufacture and make sure that products are thoroughly tested by therapists who have years of experience. Jax Wax Australia utilise their network of distributors to provide quality service and are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Jax Wax will be donating a percentage from the sales of their new range to help support indigenous youth groups in sport and learning pathways. The support from Jax Wax will not only help the current but also future generations. All Jax Wax Australia marketing materials will display a logo specially designed by Alfred Drew, who is an Aboriginal language teacher, local rugby league coach and an amazing artist, to highlight their association with the support group.





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