The wax industry is continually changing and keeping up with trends will not only benefit you; the therapist, but also your clients. 

So why should you attend a waxing workshop?

Consumer behaviour initiates change, and their needs are changing rapidly due to unlimited access to information which was previously unavailable to them.
Therefore, staying educated is the key to continued success.

Not all waxes are the same, formulas and ingredients have changed, and methods have been adapted to ensure the waxing treatment is done more efficiently. It is important to learn about the company that manufactures the wax you are using, are they ethical and what are their values and principles? Who are their trainers and what are their qualifications?

Do all employees need training?

Yes, our workshops are designed to cater for all levels of competency and experience.
Ongoing training builds confidence, enhances performance and motivation.

How often do I need to do refresher training?

It is a good idea to refresh your waxing skills every couple of years, choose a workshop that suits your individual needs.
Jax Wax Australia workshops include product knowledge, current industry regulations, updated treatment procedures in health and safety and advanced skin biology.


All Jax Wax Australia workshops are listed below.  However we are more than happy to tailor a workshop to your unique needs.

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