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Get Qualified with Jax Wax


Tina Copland, owner and founder of Jax Wax, has been working in the wax and cosmetics industry for over three decades, so consider yourself in safe hands when it comes to the training of new experts.

Tina Copland has been in cosmetic manufacturing for over 30 years and waxing for more than 25 years, so it’s fair to say she’s passionate about waxing. In 2000, after a stint working in the USA, Tina and her husband, Geoff Copland, came back to Australia and started Jax Wax, an Australian-owned and Australian-made wax company specialising in professional wax.

Tina Copland’s vegan friendly professional wax brand, Jax Wax Australia, take her across the world training and educating therapists in countries as diverse as Iceland and Singapore.

“Training is a vital part of what we do,” say Tina Copland. “We offer training both overseas and locally with Michele Hetherington, our National Training Manager. We have recently held classes across the USA, the UK, Johannesburg, South Africa and in Zagreb, Croatia.”

The USA is a big focus for the company. “In the USA, aestheticians need to continually upgrade their qualifications to keep up with best practices and new requirements as waxing is only allowed to be performed by aestheticians that have relevant qualifications in waxing,” says Tina.

 Keen to brush up on your own waxing skills? Here are six reasons to go to one of Tina Copland’s and Michele Hetherington’s classes.

#1 Her products are sold across the globe
Tina’s waxes have a world-wide following. “Jax Wax Australia; previously Adam & Eve and Meticulous, are sold around the world, on every continent,” says Tina Copland.

#2 All the important topics are covered
Tina Copland’s classes cover all the issues you’re likely to come across in the wax room. “We cover everything from the importance of client consultation, hygiene, waxing techniques, contra indications and after care,” says Tina.

#3 She can make you more profitable
“Waxing is a very profitable treatment for a salon,” says Tina. “We cover how to get the most return from the service and, more importantly, how to retain clients.”

#4 It’s interactive
The classes are held in a fun atmosphere with plenty of audience involvement. “We like our audience to be able to experience the waxes for themselves, not just take notes,” says Tina.

#5 You’ll learn new things
“We find that many qualified aestheticians are competent with strip waxes but are afraid of hard waxes so teaching techniques using hard wax, especially for facial waxing, are very well received,” says Tina Copland. “Jax Wax Australia wax products are designed to be used at low temperatures and need to be spread thinly. Many waxes used overseas are old fashioned honey type formulas. These work very differently to the new synthetic based waxes so teaching how to use these correctly is very important.”

#6 It’s win, win, win
“Holding training classes benefits everyone involved,” says Tina. “From a manufacturer’s point of view we get to find out first-hand what problems aestheticians may be experiencing and what new developments they are interested in. It is also an excellent vehicle to test a new product or idea. We find that we always learn something new — you are never too old or too experienced to learn a new technique or try a new method.”

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