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How Real Barber Problems Are Solved With Waxing

Waxing is not just being performed in beauty salons, two fields that are seeing an increase in waxing services are barbers’ shops and tattoo parlours.  

Male Waxing 

Based on current industry reports, male waxing is an emerging trend, for a variety of reasons men are now waxing more areas of their body than ever. The main reason behind this trend is that they want to look and feel good and be appealing to a partner.  However, there are other motives as to why men are opting for a sleek, smooth, waxed body.   These services are now not only available in the traditional beauty salon, but also in barber shops. 

Use Hot Wax to remove unwanted hair along the neckline

Owners of La Vargas Beauty & Spa in Sydney, Samantha and Ingrid Vargas have noticed an increase in male clientele.  They said, “Our growing male client base consists of men age between 20 – 45 years who wax their legs because they play sport such as soccer, their backs, chest and arms because they regularly visit the gym and eyebrows to maintain a well-groomed appearance.”  The Vargas sisters said that their male clients tell them that they feel more confident when they are hair free and they prefer waxing because it’s quick and convenient.  They believe that it helps maintain hygiene, reduces acne breakouts and ingrown hairs which can result from shaving. 

Tattoo Waxing 

Making the choice to wax tattooed skin may seem like a bad idea at first, but honestly it isn’t. Waxing occurs by removing hair from the root, and exfoliating (or removing) the top layer of the epidermis. As tattoos exist in our second layer of skin, the dermis, waxing doesn’t really affect the look of your ink, providing the tattoo is completely healed. 

Waxing will refresh an old tattoo

Tattoo artists recommend light exfoliation and hydration to keep the skin healthy and the tattoo vibrant.  This is what waxing offers. A high-quality wax combined with after wax products will ensure the perfect combination to give the tattoo a brighter colour definition. Andrew Hopgood, who specialises in tattoo removal and body modification from New Zealand’s Award-Winning Sinatra’s Custom Tattoo’s said, “I wax my legs, as do a lot of others (I know with tattoos) in summer or before a show and sometimes might do my arms. My legs are all dot work, so it stands out a hell of a lot better (and) makes them more vibrant.” 

Finding the Perfect Wax 

With new trends emerging, new waxes also come onto the market to meet the demand.  Jax Wax Australia have been monitoring these new markets and are proud to have formulated waxing products that have been designed with the tattoo and barber market in mind.  Their Daintree Blackbean Hot Wax is the perfect fit for these new markets.  The smoky grey colour of the wax and woody aroma of cedarwood and sandalwood fragrance blends perfectly with the masculinity of traditional barbershops and unisex clientele of tattoo parlours.   This wax removes the toughest of hair leaving very minimal redness and is suitable for all areas of the body including facial waxing, backs, chest, arms and legs.  To protect the skin following any waxing Jax Wax Australia’s Daintree Blackbean After Wax Lotion has been formulated with organic Hemp oil, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that moisturises and balances oily skin, and organic Argan oil which contains beneficial nutrients and Vitamin E. Fragranced with a light cedarwood and sandalwood aroma this lotion is non-greasy, easily absorbed into the skin and can be used as a daily moisturiser to help prevent breakouts and reduce ingrown hairs.  

Jax Wax Australia
Daintree Blackbean Lotion

Jax Wax Australia’s National Trainer, Michele Hetherington says “The Jax Wax Australia Daintree Blackbean range is ideal for men, I love the aroma of this wax and always demonstrate the hot and strip wax in my waxing workshops.  I find that the therapists are surprised to see that even the toughest hair will be removed so efficiently leaving very minimal redness. It is suitable for a full range of waxing treatments from facial waxing including eyebrow sculpting, backs, chest, arms or legs – this is a wax I recommend for everyone to try.” 

Waxing is a treatment all barbers should seriously consider adding to their services.  Not only is it ideal for creating that sharp look which lasts for much longer around the face and neck, it refreshes tired looking tattoos and will add another income stream to your business.  It is also perfect for tidying male ears and nostrils and is less messy than using scissors or clippers. Combine this with an especially formulated male focused wax and after wax treatments, Jax Wax will put you a cut ahead of your competitors and give you the edge you have been looking for. 

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