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Summer Waxing Skin Care

Jax Wax Australia’s  National Training Manager; Michele Hetherington, shares some hot tips to ensure waxing success for you and your clients this summer.

Summer is the time of year that waxing is in high demand and salons can expect a significant increase in waxing treatments. Therapist’s need to be a little more aware of common skin problems that can affect clients during this season. Choosing the right wax, using pre and post wax products and educating clients about correct aftercare and sun protection is a must.

When not to wax:


Sunburnt skin and waxing treatments are never a good combination. When the skin is burned, your body responds immediately by increasing blood flow to the area. This makes the skin look red and feel warm to the touch. Your body also releases histamine, which triggers the inflammatory response behind the painand warmth.

Jax Wax recommend: Cooktown Orchid After Wax Body Lotion for home use to calm and soothe sunburnt skin, clients will need to wait until skin has healed before re-booking approximately one to two weeks depending on the severity of the sunburn.

Red pimples and rashes

Wax cannot be applied over skin that is irritated and or inflamed.  In summer we tend to perspire more and when sweat gets trapped under the skin due to clogged sweat glands, uncomfortable rashes may appear.  Tiny red bumps can appear on the skin on people who have sun allergies.

Jax Wax recommend: Start educating your clients about maintaining skin health between waxing treatments.  Recommend a non-greasy lotion such as Jax Wax Australia’s Alpine Bluebell After Wax Body Lotion which contains lavender and tea tree essential oils will help clear the rash and protect the barrier of the skin.  Once skin is healed advise your client to lightly exfoliate once a fortnight and maintain regular waxing treatments.   To reduce the likelihood of hyperpigmentation, advise no sun exposure for 48 hours after treatment and strongly recommend the application of sunscreen.

Summer Waxing Treatment tips

  • The waxing room should have adequate cooling and good lighting.  Check that the cooling vents are not pointing either directly at the wax pots or the client.
  • In hot, humid weather, encourage clients to sit and have a cool glass of water before their waxing treatment. It is important that wax is not applied to skin that is perspiring or over heated.
  • If needed apply cold compress to the skin followed by Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre-Wax Cleansing Spray and allow to air dry as this will cool and cleanse the surface of the skin.
  • Talcum powder/ corn starch can be applied prior to applying hot or strip wax to help keep the skin dry and protected.
  • Jax Wax Australia’s Cooktown Orchid Hot Wax is perfect for waxing skin that is prone to sensitivity and finish the treatment off with Cooktown Orchid After Wax Body Lotion to calm, soothe and protect.  To cool the skin further consider leaving the lotion in the fridge on warmer days.
  • In Summer we recommend having your wax pots a little cooler to ensure effective application and removal. After each treatment refill the wax pots to ensure that a consistent working temperature is maintained.  Be sure to do a test patch on your wrist to test the temperature of the wax before commencing any wax treatment.

Waxing products, just like skincare ranges, have changed over the years, update your skills and product knowledge on a regular basis. Jax Wax Australia customise workshops to suit all levels of experience, each workshop includes advanced waxing techniques and skin biology

 Michele Hetherington.
National Sales & Training Manager.

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