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The Benefits Of Using Strip Wax In Your Salon

Strip wax, also commonly known as soft wax, is a form of hair removal perfect for larger areas.

The wax is applied as a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth using a wooden spatula, a non-woven strip is then applied and quickly removed against the direction of the hair growth.

Its many benefits make it an ideal choice for salons, providing quick results and leaving customers feeling smooth and confident.

Strip wax is easy to use

Strip wax is so easy to use, requiring only heat and pressure to create the perfect melt. This makes it ideal even for those without much experience in waxing or beauty treatments. It’s a great product for new or part-time employees to use.

Leaves the skin smooth

Your customers will love nothing more than having that smooth skin feeling. It leaves the skin feeling smooth thanks to its gentle yet effective formula. We have range of popular strip wax products are perfect for removing unwanted hair from large areas of the body, like legs or arms. Sticky and durable, strip wax adheres firmly to the hair, making it easy to remove even stubborn hairs quickly and effectively.

Nourishing ingredients create a barrier

Did you know Jax Wax range of hair striping products, contain nourishing ingredients that help to keep skin smooth and healthy? These ingredients also act as a barrier against bacteria and other harmful agents, so using Jax Wax products on your clients can help to keep them safe from potential infections.

Excellent results

You can be confident, using Jax Wax – hair striping products in your salon, will help you get the best results and ensure your customers enjoy long-lasting satisfaction.

Want to know more about strip wax?

Speak to our friendly team at Jax Wax, you can call us on 03 59432422 and we’d be happy to answer your questions. Based at Officer in Melbourne, we can recommend the perfect strip wax products for your beauty salon or spa.

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