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The Perfect Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Wax stripped bare and simplified with the 4P’s
 Products, Preparation, Personal Hygiene and Post – Care.

Brazilian waxing is not always easy and even the most qualified therapists have experienced a difficult or challenging Brazilian wax, and I’m no exception.

At Jax Wax Australia we focus on the 4P’s for a Perfect Brazilian:  The 4P’s cover every stage of the treatment from when the booking is made, to follow-up appointments.

  • Products
  • Preparation
  • Personal Hygiene and
  • Post Care


 Jax Wax Australia recommend using Hot/Hard waxes for Brazilian waxes as the wax encases the entire hair shaft as opposed to strip waxes that bond more to the surface of the skin. The removal of the hair using hot wax is less painful and reduces trauma to the skin surface ensuring the treatment is more comfortable for your client.

However, we understand that some therapist’s and salons prefer to work with strip/soft wax when conducting Brazilian waxes, so we have developed formulas that are suited to intimate areas.

  • Jax Wax Australia Victorian Heath hot / hard wax beads
    (Previously Adam & Eve Lust)
    This wax has been formulated with titanium dioxide for soft application and reduced skin sensitivity and redness.  Designed to be used at a lower working temperature this wax is super flexible and has a delicate Frankincense fragrance. 
  • Jax Wax Australia Victorian Heath strip/soft wax
    (Previously Adam & Eve Desire)
    A creamy formulation wax that is easy to apply and gentle to remove and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.  Containing titanium dioxide, it is the perfect strip wax for delicate areas such as Brazilians.  Your clients will love the subtle sweet strawberry scent.
  • Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Skin Cleanser
    (Previously Adam & Eve Lavender Blue Skin Cleanser)
    Enriched with pure Lavender and Bergamot essential oils, this product is used to prepare the skin and remove surface bacteria prior to waxing treatment.  It can be sprayed directly onto the skin or applied with a cotton round.
  • Jax Wax Australia Sweet Orange Pre and Post Wax Oil
    Has been enriched with essential oils to soften the skin prior to waxing whilst also providing a protective barrier.  This oil can also be used to soothe skin post treatment.
  • Jax Wax Australia Cooktown Orchid After Wax Body Lotion
    This is a new product from Jax Wax Australia, made with Organic Jojoba oil, pure cocoa butter and almond oil. Applied to the skin after hot or strip wax treatment, it visibly reduces redness and leaves skin soft and protected. Highly recommended for use after Brazilian waxing it is suitable for all skin types and does not contain mineral oil.
  • Jax Wax Australia Cocoa Butter & Vanilla After Wax Body Lotion
    A lovely light lotion with a delicate vanilla fragrance and made with real cocoa butter. Applied to the skin after hot or strip wax treatment has an immediate cooling effect, visibly reduces redness, and leaves skin soft and protected. Perfect to calm, cool and nourish sensitive intimate areas after the waxing treatment.
  • Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell After Wax Body Lotion
    The healing benefits of Lavender essential oil enhance the antibacterial properties of our Australian grown Tea Tree oil in this ultra-light after wax lotion. Instantly reduces redness and inflammation, protects against bacteria and is the perfect choice for skin prone to folliculitis after waxing. Clients should use as home care to aid in the treatment of ingrown hairs.


Preparation for the perfect Brazilian wax needs to be done at two stages of the treatment process.  Firstly, when the appointment is made and secondly prior to the commencement of the treatment.

Preparation begins at the time of the booking, you need to provide the client with some guidelines about preparing themselves before they arrive for the treatment. When the booking is made, ask that client the following –

  • To be freshly showered.
  • Not to apply lotion to the area before the treatment.
  • Hair needs to be ½ centimetre long at least.
  • Wear loose clothing as tight clothing will rub against the area and aggravate tender skin

The treatment room should be set up to provide customer comfort and comply with State and Territory health regulations and skin penetration guidelines. Ensure the client is given clear instructions of the treatment procedure. Client consultation is very important, as medications, medical conditions, skin disorders, allergies and hormonal issues may contra-indicate the Brazilian waxing treatment. Jax Wax provide a comprehensive client consultation form to be filled out prior to initial waxing treatment and any subsequent appointments need only verbal conformation of any changes since initial consult. Prior to commencing the treatment discuss any contra-indications and confirm areas to be waxed with your client. Always remember that client positioning should always respect modesty and client comfort.

Personal Hygiene

Particular attention must be paid to the handling and disposal of contaminated waste. Waste material following intimate waxing is considered contaminated waste; as it may contain blood and tissue fluid. Viruses and bacteria such as Hepatitis B and C and HIV can be carried in such waste.

Salons need to advise their clients of their responsibility to ensure personal hygiene prior to their appointment and that poor personal hygiene is considered a contra-indication to Brazilian waxing resulting in treatment having to be re-booked.

Post- Care

The removal of pubic hair naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles.  Jax Wax Australia After Wax Body Lotions and Oils reduce irritation, provide client comfort and maintain skin barrier protection after the Brazilian treatment.   

  • Aftercare advice is very important, Jax Wax Australia can provide salons with forms they can print for their clients with recommended aftercare to take home with them.
  • Wear loose clothing as any friction on the area will aggravate the already sensitive skin.
  • Cotton underwear is best, as it allows perspiration to evaporate from the skin surface.
  • Avoid any activities that will cause friction in the area until the skin has recovered.
  • Do not have heat treatments or hot baths for a few hours after treatment.
  • Do not sunbathe or spray tan for the next 24 hours after treatment.
  • Avoid activities which cause perspiration such as workouts, running, using a sauna and sexual activity etc. for the next 24-48 hours
  • It is advised that you do not swim or use a spa for the next 24 hours.
  • Do not loofah or exfoliate the area until one week after the treatment.
  • If the client is prone to ingrown hairs, then you should recommend the use of Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell After Wax Body Lotion as a take home treatment to be used in-between treatments.


  • For first time intimate waxing the hair growth will be irregular.  This is because the pubic hair growth cycle is at difference stages.  The first intimate wax will only be removing hair in the Telogen stage.
  • It is suggested that the client rebooks two weeks after their initial treatment to remove the next stage of hair growth.  It may be necessary to repeat this fortnightly until the hair growth is at the same stage.
  • Once hair growth is regular, bookings are recommended every 4 weeks.

Brazilian waxing requires specialised training.
Jax Wax Australia offer a range of training from
“Basic Brazilian – Look & Learn Workshops” to
“Advanced Brazilian Waxing Training”.

Written By,
Michele Hetherington
Jax Wax Australia National Training Manager.

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