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7 Top Winter Wax Tips!

How to keep your wax clients booking

If you’re finding your waxing appointments are dropping off now that winter is here? We ask Michele Hetherington, National Training Manager at Jax Wax for seven inspired winter waxing tips that will keep your wax appointments filled. 

#1 Offer incentive

People love getting something for nothing so encouraging brand loyalty with incentives of freebies will work wonders. “During winter when hair growth slows, why not offer your clients a winter waxing reward card,” says Michele Hetherington, Training Manager at Jax Wax. “Just like a coffee reward card that is stamped each time you buy a coffee; after purchasing “X” amount you get one free.”

Don’t be afraid that you have to give away services for free if that doesn’t suit you, says Hetherington. “You can customise the waxing reward card to suit your waxing treatments and clients; it does not have to be a free treatment, it may be 50 per cent off, or a gift,” she advises.

 #2 All-year, regular treatments are important 

Although legs might not be on show during the cooler months, there are plenty of reasons to keep the appointment going through winter. “Waxing in winter can be more important than waxing in summer,” says Hetherington. “Tights and leggings cause friction against the hair shaft, resulting in uneven hair growth and ingrown hairs.”

#3 Skin gets more sensitive in winter

Going in and out of heating and rugging up constantly can pay a toll on skin and hair growth during winter. “A combination of indoor heating, cold winds and less moisture in the air will cause skin to dry out, feel tight and become more sensitive particularly in areas such as the face,” says Hetherington. “Regular waxing will help maintain the skin barrier function.”

#4 Leave it and ingrown hairs could crop up

If a client didn’t show up for a wax appointment all winter, there could be problems come spring. “Hair growth will be uneven due to breakage,” says Hetherington. “This would increase the number of treatments needed in spring and summer.”

Ingrown hairs are also an issue. “Ingrown hairs are more likely to have developed over winter if the customer hasn’t waxed, as waxing supports the removal of dead skin cells,” adds Hetherington. “Going without a waxing treatment for the entire winter will result in dry, rough skin, add to that long unruly hair growth and therefore a more painful wax in spring.”

#5 Tell them it’s warm inside…

“If you make your salon look warm and cosy from the outside, people will be more inclined to pop in for a wax in winter,” says Hetherington.

But if you think your reverse cycle air conditioner is going to cut it, you might need to think again. “For some customers [reverse cycle air conditioning] simply isn’t enough,” says Hetherington. “Some salons use a small fan heater under the waxing bed when it’s really cold so that, as soon as the client walks in the waxing room, they feel instantly warm.”

Pro tip: “Be aware that heating in the treatment rooms will affect the temperature of the wax pots,” says Hetherington. “Be sure to check the temperature and consistency of the wax prior to application. Hot wax should have a solid core in the centre of the wax pot and strip wax should not be too runny, the consistency of honey is good guide.”

#6 Invest in electric blankets

Another way to keep partially-naked bodies warm is to invest in electric blankets. “I can also personally recommend using electric blankets on all treatment beds in winter, not just for facials and massage, but for waxing as well,” says Hetherington who also offers warming treats to entice her clients in. “With a heated room and the offer of a hot chocolate on arrival, I never had a problem with my clients not waxing in winter when I had my own salon.”

#7 Package up your wax treatments 

Offering combination treatments can really up your wax appointments during the chilly months. “For example, receive a free eyebrow tidy with every facial, or book a relaxing back massage and receive 20 per cent off a half leg wax,” says Hetherington.

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