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Empowering Women – Empowering Communities

In today’s society there is an increase in consumer awareness relating to purchasing of goods and services from companies that give back to and improve the lives of others.

Jax Wax have chosen to support indigenous youth groups in a bid to boost their learning and overall confidence. It’s a matter close to the heart of our National Training Manager, Michele Hetherington, who has close ties with the indigenous people and is passionate about helping Aboriginal families, and importantly the community.  Michele is extremely proud of her Aboriginal heritage and is delighted to be able to give back to the community of Kempsey.  “My Grandmother is of the stolen generation, and to be associated with a company that respects Indigenous Australian’s means a lot, not only to me but to the community. The support from Jax Wax will not only help the current generations but will benefit the next generation in the years to come,” Michele said

Michele’s work within the Kempsey community has seen her conduct regular training sessions with the Ginda Barri Mum’s and Bub’s group which is a program offered by the Macleay Vocational College.  This program is designed to support young Mum’s that wish to complete their year 12 education in a supported and safe environment.  It was while conducting these training sessions that Michele crossed paths with Simone Mulherin. Simone started attending Jax Wax Australia waxing workshops at Ginda Barri which include basic skin care, manicure, pedicure and makeup.

Simone has had a difficult life which includes homelessness, drugs and domestic violence.  It was when Simone was coming off drugs that she turned to painting as a form of rehabilitation and personal growth.  The painting is Simone’s story of her journey through the difficult times in her life to the positive place she is in now.  A proud Aboriginal woman, and strong young mother of two handsome boys, Simone realised she could turn her life around.  She is now working on setting up her own waxing business and Michele will continue to mentor her through this process, so she can fulfill her dreams.

Simone Mulherin - Artist
Simone Mulherin – Artist

Simone Mulherin – Artwork Story

The artwork depicts a women (Simone) who is moving in the direction of the circle.

The pattern surrounding the circle in the background is a beehive, the hive like a maze represents each struggle and her strong determination to move through them and reach the circle of light.

For Simone the painting represents her journey through homelessness, domestic violence and drug addiction.  Simone defines her homelessness as couch surfing, moving from house to house living on someone’s couch instead of living on the streets.  The domestic violence issues with her partner made it difficult to cope, she felt helpless and stuck in the hive unable to move towards the circle of light.  Drugs were also part of Simone’s world; she did not realise the destruction until addiction had become obvious and her struggle again to find the inner strength to keep moving forward to get to a better place.

This painting has a strong sentimental meaning to her and will continue to remind her of the difficulties she has bravely overcome in her past. By sharing her story Simone hopes to be a role model for other young local women in similar situations, as well as to encourage and inspire them to live a better life and to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Painting by Simone Mulherin
Painting by Simone Mulherin

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