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Jax Wax Australia blooms with an Australian Flora inspired range.

World famous for its dazzling wildflowers, Australia is home to the largest collection on earth with more than 12,000 species of colourful blooms including 60 per cent that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Inspired by the beauty and fragrance of our unique landscape, Jax Wax has rebranded and repackaged their range of waxes and ancillary products to capture the beauty of Australia.

As part of the next stage in their rebrand to Jax Wax Australia, Jax Wax has decided to give all their products an Australian appearance. “For us; it makes sense”, said Tina Copland owner of Jax Wax, “with our company going through a domestic and international rebrand we decided to tap into the Australiana component of our business. Australian waxing products are held in such high regard overseas and what better way to increase our profile internationally than by encapsulating what it is to be Australian through our exquisite flora,” Tina said. Jax Wax Australia’s products will be named after the unique Australian flora.

Although the product names may be a little different to what Jax Wax has used in the past, their well-known and researched formulas will remain the same. There will also be additional new products that will be introduced early next year. Tina said “we have put years of research and development into all of our products. Our products perform the first time every time, and we have developed and refined formulas for different hair growths and different environments.” Jax Wax Australia have matching hot and strip waxes, with names such as Coastal Banksia, Sydney Waratah, Victorian Heath, Cooktown Orchid, Daintree Blackbean, Alpine Bluebell and Australian Wattle to showcase the flora from various geographical regions of Australia.

Jax Wax Australia’s new range of floral inspired waxes will have a story connecting their names to the product. This will give not only their local customers information about native Australian flowers, but will give their international customers a glimpse into Australia. Information about where the plants are found and how the indigenous people use them can be read on the packaging and marketing materials as well as their new web site

Jax Wax will be donating a percentage from the sales of their new range to help support indigenous youth groups in sport and learning pathways. National Trainer for Jax Wax; Michele Hetherington, is proud of her Aboriginal heritage and is delighted to be giving back to the community of Kempsey for such a worthwhile cause. “My Grandmother is of the stolen generation, and to be associated with a company that respects Indigenous Australian’s means a lot, not only to me but to the community. The support from Jax Wax will not only help the current generations but will benefit for years to come,” Michele said. All Jax Wax Australia marketing materials will display a logo specially designed by Alfred Drew, who is an Aboriginal language teacher, local rugby league coach and an amazing artist, to highlight their association with the support group.

In conjunction with the new Australian Floral inspired names, Jax Wax Australia’s wax range will include 500gm stand up bags for their hot waxes and 500ml tubs for their strip waxes. Tina said, “We are noticing a trend towards home waxing and brow bars where smaller sizes are preferred and many of the countries that we deal with also use smaller wax pots that do not hold a kilo of wax so smaller packaging is logical. As our hot waxes, do not contain high melt polymers the hard wax beads can sometimes clump together when the weather is hot. The smaller bag size will alleviate this. The smaller bag also stands upright on the shelf as it is a 4-sided bag with a flat bottom making it ideal for our distributors to display the products. The new strip wax tubs can also be put directly into wax heaters as well as heated in a microwave making cleaning a lot easier and allowing therapists to change their strip wax to suit their client’s needs.”

With fresh new packaging adorned with Australian wildflowers, Jax Wax Australia are excited about the next stage of growth for their business not only in Australia but internationally. Jax Wax Australia have a lot more to offer the industry which has supported them for many years. Their association with indigenous youth and strong company focus on training will continue to grow and blossom in the beauty industry not only within Australia but Internationally.

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