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Jax Wax Australia brings a breath of fresh air this Spring.


Jax Wax inspired by Australian natives

World famous for its dazzling wildflowers, Australia is home to the largest collection on Earth with colourful blooms of more than 12,000 species of which 60 per cent can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.  Inspired by the beauty and fragrance of our colourful unique landscape, Jax Wax Australia has created a range of high quality waxing products along with advanced treatment procedures to guarantee improved waxing treatments.

Jax Wax Australia’s range of hot and strip waxes are individually formulated to adjust to all climates and skin conditions.  Our pre and post waxing products are designed to ensure effective hair removal and that the skin is protected during seasonal changes.

However with this amazing natural beauty also comes unwelcome hay fever. The biggest allergy trigger in spring is pollen. Trees, grasses and flowers release tiny particles into the air which can be irritating to people who suffer from allergies. These particles send the body’s defences haywire. The immune system mistakenly sees the pollen as a danger and releases antibodies that attack the allergens. This leads to the release of chemicals called histamines into the body. Histamines stimulate the runny nose, itchy eyes and other unwanted symptoms of hay fever. In Spring, the skin is also exposed to invisible airborne allergens which can lead to release of histamine in some individuals.

Increased levels of histamine in some people during Spring can lead to their skin being more reactive especially around the eyes, cheeks and nose.  We educate therapists on how to take extra care waxing facial areas during springtime to avoid unnecessary adverse reactions.

Working as the National Training Manager for Jax Wax Australia, I develop treatment plans that give therapists the skills and confidence to wax more efficiently and provide a better service for their clients. Personally, I have endured allergic rhinitis since my early teens and Spring was the worst time.  It was my eyes that bothered me the most and any added irritation would result in extreme hypersensitivity, so imagine what happened the first time I had my eyebrows waxed.

There are a lot of people out there that have experienced adverse reactions from waxing and these people are clients that your salon may be losing. Although a growing number of people are moving toward threading and electrolysis for facial hair removal, with a few simple steps and quality Jax Wax Australia products you can keep your clients waxing.

Jax Wax Australia recommend the following treatment advice for waxing facial areas in Spring.

An initial consultation will let you know if your client suffers from hay fever or any other type of allergy and will give you valuable information regarding medications, illnesses and previous methods of hair removal that will help you plan the waxing treatment.

If your client already suffers from hay fever they may take an antihistamine before arriving for their waxing treatment.  However, therapists should not suggest medication and it is best to direct them to a doctor or pharmacy for medical advice.

To avoid skin irritation, lifting of skin or hypersensitivity, Jax Wax Australia recommend the use of hot/hard wax for all areas of facial waxing.

Be sure to inspect the skin before the treatment, the client should always be made aware of your findings which are then recorded on their client card for future reference.

Eyebrow Wax

If I notice dry patches of skin anywhere in the eye area, I will hand my client a mirror and point out the area of concern. Having the client confirm that they can see the dry skin I explain the steps I will take to prepare and protect the skin for the waxing treatment.

On a cotton round, apply a small amount of Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Skin Cleanser and then a small amount of Jax Wax Australia Sweet Orange or Coastal Banksia Pre Wax Oil. Wipe gently over area to be waxed and if the client is wearing makeup repeat the process making sure the skin is always supported. By combining these two products, the cleanser effectively removes impurities whilst the oil creates a protective barrier for the skin. If the client’s skin is highly reactive you may need to cool the skin with some damp cotton rounds and reapply a small amount of Jax Wax Australia Pre Wax Oil.  Ensure you tissue off any excess and using your fingertips apply a light dusting of pure talc or corn-starch to the area.

Always check correct working temperature of wax before application. Apply Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia Hot Wax firstly in the direction of the hair growth, using your finger press down on the wax before you remove in the direction against the hair growth, repeat the process reversing the technique (apply against, remove with).

Skin should always be supported when applying and removing wax. Immediately press lightly after wax is removed to calm the sensory nerves.

To complete the treatment, dampen two cotton rounds with cold water, have client close their eyes and place the cotton rounds over as a compress.  Leave on for a few minutes to reduce heat sensitivity.

I recommend applying Jax Wax Australia Cocoa Butter and Vanilla After Wax Lotion to soothe the skin, minimise redness and to maintain the skins barrier protection.

Advise your client on after wax treatment care.

Prescribe a Jax Wax Australia Body Lotion or Oil which are formulated to target certain skin conditions or to simply maintain moisture levels of the skin between waxing treatments.




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