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Jax Wax Australia’s Main Focus Is Wax!

Jax Wax Australia -Under the microscope

Tina and Geoff Copland, the owners of Jax Wax, the name behind Jax Wax Australia have been involved in the manufacture of quality wax products for many years. Since the launch of their revolutionary Adam & Eve beaded hot waxes at the Sydney Beauty Expo in August 2003, Jax Wax Australia waxes have proved to perform as superbly as they look.

Jax Wax Australia offer the ultimate in hair removal products and provide training that is second to none. Their philosophy is to provide the finest wax products with service that is second to none. They constantly evaluate new technologies to keep their waxes at the forefront of the beauty industry. Tina Copland said, “We are proud to specialise in wax as we believe in order to provide the best product available, we need to have it as our main focus. With trends frequently changing in Australia and around the world, we need to ensure that we are able to respond quickly to the needs of the industry.”

Through continually testing, Jax Wax Australia have created a range of ancillary products that will not only give a better wax but also target specific skin conditions associated with waxing. Jax Wax Australia’s Research and Development Department have formulated unique pre wax oils that reduce the likelihood of skin lift and after wax lotions that aid in the treatment of folliculitis and ingrown hairs. When you purchase Jax Wax Australia you can be assured that there is comprehensive research on every ingredient and you are supported by a dedicated team of wax specialists.

Many wholesalers do not produce their own waxes. They simply buy wax from other manufactures and re-badge it as their own. This can result in product and quality variation as they usually source the most inexpensive wax to maintain their profit margin. Jax Wax Australia are different! Their products are made from quality raw materials sources from reputable suppliers in Australia. In the unlikely event you have a problem with any of their products; they are able to track down the batch and all the raw materials used in making it to find any abnormalities. Jax Wax Australia are then able to contact the suppliers directly. Tina and Geoff Copland, together with their dedicated team are continually improving their formulas to ensure you are getting the very best from all their waxing products.

Jax Wax Australia proudly work side-by-side with many industry leading manufacturers to compliment the products they produce. With their extensive industry connections, the team at Jax Wax Australia can give you the best contacts in other areas of the beauty industry so you can be confident in all areas of your business.

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